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January - Attic Insulation

February - Electrical Plug and Joist Hangers on Decks

March - Hot Water; Sink vs Bathtub - Shingle Repair from Snow Damage

April - Pre-Listing Home Inpsection


After writting Fifty Five Articles for the Newspaper, Peter has decided to move on to different interests.  He will still be available to answer any questions you may have either by phone or by email.



January  -  Little Gizmos that Save Lives

Letter to the Editor  -  Smoke Detectors

February  -    Ice Dams

March    -     Spring Thaw Maintenance

April   -   Long Winter ... Summer's Coming

May -  Oriented Strand Board ( OSB ) 

June -  Water in Eavestroughing 

July -  Houses Need to Breath

August - Roofs ... Metal Over Existing Shingles

September - Wood

October - Spooky Attics

November - Cracked Pipes

December -

Pressure Treated Wood Foundations 




January       Winter issues; furnace exhaust pipe; water line heater

February      Drains not draining properly

March          Air Exchanger, often referred to as an HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator)

April            Carpenter ants

May             Air Conditioners

June             Protecting Basement from Water Infiltration

July              General Home Maintenance

August          Chimney

September     Proper Fire Wood Storage

October         Roof Vents and Duct Tape

November      Front Door Issues

December         Insulation



January       Hot Water Tanks

February     Roof Shingles and Ceramic Tiles

March         Dryer Venting

April            Animals as Pests

 May            Deck Supports

June             Roof Soft Spots and Air Conditioning Efficiency Ratings (SEER)

July              Country Water Pump Failures

August         Log Home Efficiency

September   Exterior Wood Stains and Parging

October        Bathroom Venting and Roof Repair

November    Oil Tank Age, Water Pressure and Window Headers

December     GFCI’s For Christmas Light and Hot Water Tank Temperature 



January        Home Inspectors in General

February       Re-shingling

March           Ceramic Tiles

April             Bathroom Exhaust in Attic

May              Clothes Dryer Venting

June              Replacement of Shingles/Signs of Deterioration

July               20 amp fuses in 15 amp Circuits

August           Latex Paint over Oil Paint

September      Sump Pumps and GFCI's

October          Staining Verticle Cedar Siding

November       Sewage Smell Coming from Floor Drain - Outdoor Christmas Lights

December        Snow Depressions on Roofs.  Melting Snow.




October            Introduction and Ice Damning

November         Rust Marks

December            Musty Basement Smells  

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